Starting on a New Journey

The solar industry plays an important role in energy development in future. It also contributes to promoting the concepts of environmental protection and renewable energy. NSP, a Taiwan-based company, has been consistently devoted to the conservation of the Earth. Advantaged by its solid technology background, advanced R&D expertise and successful resource integration, NSP looks forward to becoming a leader of Taiwan’s solar cell industry. It is also expediting its globalization efforts, aspiring to become a top-class company and a market leader in the world.

Currently, NSP has four operational sites, respectively located at the Hsinchu Science Park (headquarters), the Hsinchu Industrial Park (Solar Module Fab in Hukou), and Tainan Technology Industrial Park (Solar Cell Fab) in Taiwan, as well as in the Nanchang National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone (Solar Cell Park) in Jiangxi, China. NSP is persistently devoted to the perfection of its technology, quality and cost management, aiming to make itself the world number one solar power company and market leader.
We sincerely welcome talented people to join the NSP Family and achieve success together.

  • A reminder for applicants: Please remember to bring NSP’s Standard Application Form with you.
  • A suggestion: To help us know you better, please bring the related information such as your academic record for the highest education received, a copy of the thesis, or any professional reports/certificates issued or held.
Campus Recruitment Program
Other recruitment events through employment service stations, the factories and the Science Park Bureau
  • Campus Recruitment Program: The Company arranges regular campus recruitment activities in schools from March to April each year.
  • Recruitment through employment service stations: To attract talent, the Company also, from time to time, participates in recruitment events organized by the employment service stations at different areas.
  • Recruitment of technicians at the Company’s fabs: The interview schedule in different fabs will be announced when available.


A:NSP is a global leading brand of solar cells, devoted to a variety of R&D projects and to elevating the average conversion efficiency of the solar cells. We sincerely welcome promising and outstanding talents around the world to join NSP. Please click “New Job Openings” and find the vacancies you are interested in, and submit your application directly. We look forward to working with you to pursue breakthroughs in the solar energy technology, thereby contributing to the development of sustainable and natural energies to save the environment.

A: 1. Dress Code: To impress your interviewer, please groom yourself properly. Neat and trim shirts are recommended for gentlemen. Business suits and conservative makeup are suggested for ladies.
2. Preparing for the Interview: Read as much information about the company as possible, so that the interviewer can feel your strong desire to join the team.
3. Be punctual: Please arrive at the company 10 to 15 minutes ahead of the appointment time. If you cannot come due to unexpected circumstances, please notify us in advance.
4. The Interview Process: It is always important to follow the interview etiquettes. To impress your interviewer, make sure you are polite all the time during the interview process, no matter when you are entering/leaving the interview room or are interacting with the interviewer. Please mute or turn off your cell phone to avoid disrupting the conversation.
A: 1. In addition to the 「NSP Standard Application Form」, you are also recommended to bring other valuable reference information (for example, articles publicized on periodicals, research reports, certificates and award records, etc.) to evidence your professional achievements and self-confidence.
2. Please bring your personal identity document to exchange for a visitor card when you arrive at the office building.
3. Please prepare a pen handy to take notes or fill out forms.

A:We suggest you to fill out NSP’s standard form of “Personal Information for Job Applicants” before the interview, so that the interviewing manager can understand your personal background more efficiently using a form that is familiar.

A:For new employees, NSP provides well-structured learning systems and multifaceted training programs to support their self-development. The Company pays long-term and significant attention to the welfare of its employees and has been making incessant efforts to build up a safe and comfortable working environment. The Company also offers competitive salary packages as well as diversified employee benefits.

You are welcome to visit our “Learning and Development”, “Compensation and Benefits”, and “Employee Care” webpages to know more about these contents. NSP sincerely welcome you to joining us and creating a beautiful future with the Company.

A:The time of response varies depends on different job positions. In general, most of the applicants receive the notification within two weeks after the interview.  If you do not receive the interview results then, you are welcome to check with our Human Resources Department by phone or by e-mail. If there is no suitable job for you for the moment, we will keep your CV within our talent bank and contact you when a suitable vacancy is available.

Learning and Development

Your learning process starts the moment when you join NSP. The Company offers well-organized learning systems as well as diversified employee development programs, helping you with your incessant personal growth and transformation and making you a “Top Notch Talent” in the career.

NSP provides multiple learning channels and integrated, professional software and hardware. Employees are allowed to learn and grow whenever they wish to fulfill their aspiration for knowledge as well as psychological needs.
NSP provides a variety of programs for developing well-rounded talents. In addition to self-designed internal courses and professional development plans, the company also engages experts from different disciplines as course trainers. Through the diversified and well-integrated courses, employees can effectively elevate their KSA (knowledge, skills and abilities).

In addition to classroom lectures, the trainers also incorporate many innovative and interesting elements to enrich the course contents, including experimental activities, case studies, group discussion and videos. Course are designed based on the specific training requirement and are categorized into seven major types. They are opened in accordance with the respective competency requirements within the organization.

  • Overseas Training: To keep pace with the trend of globalization, NSP has been actively sending staff members to local and overseas seminars, aiming to help them build an international perspective and to improve the competitiveness of the Company.
  • Project Assignment: As firms mature and grow larger, NSP encourages employees to participate in cross-departmental projects to enrich work exposure; in the meantime create more opportunities for cross-disciplinary cooperation.
  • Job rotation: NSP offers the opportunities for job rotation, encouraging the employees to work in different department units to learn and grow, in the meantime, enrich and diversify their work experience.

Compensation and Benefits

NSP offers a creative and comfortable environment, and provides employees great life quality.

  • Salary levels above market standards
  • Provides employees with stock options, dividends and bonuses based on performance.
  • Flexible management of leave and attendance
  • Complete allowances for marriage, maternity, be in-hospital, funeral and meals allowance; coupons for birthday, Labor day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring festival.
  • Insurance system: employees possess insurance such as labor insurance, health insurance and group insurance.
  • Employee care: emergency assistance and care, physical examinations, health center, nursing room, visually-impaired massage parlor, and diversified health consultation services.
  • Comfortable working environment: Indoor parking lot, cafeteria, gym, café shop, library.
  • Club: badminton, basketball, softball, dance club, orchestra, etc.
  • Activities: NSP Family Day, sports days, company trips, year-end parties, labor day’s activity, and various activities of NSP Volunteer Clubs.

Employee Care

NSP not only provides a safe and pleasant working environment for its employees, but also renders life and psychological support through a variety of activities and employee assistance programs.

NSP cares about the needs of its employees in all aspects of life, including the need for spiritual growth. You will enjoy being a member of the NSP family, working and growing with the Company!

NSP provides high-quality employee guidance and counseling services to help staff members cope with the work pressure, thereby improving their mental health and work efficiency. We endeavors to assist our employees to achieve work and life balance, build up a successful career and enjoy a happy family life.

1.Employee Assistance Program

2.Stress-Relief Courses

3.Family-Friendly Measures

4.NSP Library – Borrowing books and DVD for free

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